Back into the studio

It’s been an exciting year, with two well-received solo shows of new oil and gouache paintings, plus two group shows, a “Rising Star” award from the Pikes Peak Arts Council, and, oh yes, a wedding.

Moving into the new year, I’m looking forward to spending intensive time in the studio, figuring out where to go next with new media, new subject matter and new input from some excellent art mentors. Colorado Springs is a great place to paint and collaborate, and I’m excited to explore the unknown before launching a new body of work.

In the meantime, here’s a media recap of 2016. Cheers, friends!



In a new series of paintings, Claire Swinford explores reversals, permeating the perceptual boundaries between dark/light, child/adult, artist/subject, alone/surrounded. Each figure projects drama from within a cocoon of transparent fabric, but the narrative remains opaque, resulting in rich images that are best understood according to their own inner logic.

Internal Logic: New Work by Claire Swinford showcases six months of intensive sketching and painting at The Modbo, an award-winning gallery in downtown Colorado Springs.

Opening reception is 5:30-midnight on Friday, July 1, 2016 at 17C East Bijou Street. Subsequent viewings available by request through Jul. 31 — call 719/201-1630 for more information or to make a viewing appointment.

More information:

Study: Mirette
Study: Mirette | 2016 | Graphite and colored pencil on 90lb Stonehenge paper, 16×24″ | $288


For the painter, a blanket is a magical device: draped over the human form, it obscures the familiar and reveals underlying truths (such as in Magritte’s The Lovers). By contrast, the blanket returns subjectivity to the painter’s model, asking him or her to engage in an act of imagination reminiscent of the way individuality is expressed in childhood: is it a disguise? a set of wings? a house? The result is a set of images that are at once representational and abstract, ingenuous and ambiguous, playful and strange.

Blanket Statement: New Work by Claire Swinford is the culmination of a three-month residency at the Machine Shop, a collaborative workspace for creative studios in eastern downtown Colorado Springs.

One night only! Opening reception is 6-9 p.m. on Friday, November 6, 2015 at 4 South Wahsatch Avenue. Subsequent viewings available by request through Nov. 30 — call 719/201-1630 for more information or to make a viewing appointment.

More information:

Blanket Statement
Work in progress, August 2015

New Show Added

Some families rarely ever talk about the big things: imagination, alienation, death, desire. But what they leave behind speaks volumes. Working from Kodachrome photo slides and the lyrics of the murder ballads my father used to sing as lullabies, I’ve created two parallel bodies of work that cast a speculative eye on the untold stories in every family tree.

“Retrospeculation” is my first solo exhibition, which means all attendees get free manic hugs and (possibly more attractive) home-baked cookies from the incomparable J. Redfern. Come to the opening reception from 7-10 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 12, 2014 at Rooted Studio (2502 W. Colorado Ave., #307) above The Sweet Elephant on the third floor of the historic Templeton Building. Call 805/664-0116 for more information or to make a viewing appointment.

Unless you like fine box wine or fresh ice water, the event is BYOB. Either way, I’ll be glad to see you there.